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Welcome to my little book shop! I read a lot before I ever picked up a tool or a paint brush.
Welcome to my little book shop! I read a lot before I ever picked up a tool or a paint brush.
I’ve purchased, read and enjoyed all of the books I’m recommending here. You might find them in your local bookstore or library.

All of these books inspire ideas and are helpful in learning about various craft projects, art, and even crafting as a business. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

OK, I’m a little biased here. Since I’m one of the 19 floorcloth artists featured in the book Floorcloth Magic: How to Paint Canvas Rugs for Decorative Home Use, how can I not recommend it? By Lisa Curry Mair (Storey Books, 2001).

To make your life easier, I’ve provided a mini review of each book I recommend and you can browse through more information on each of them using the Amazon links below.

So, pour yourself a cup of coffee and browse our little book shop at your convenience!

I’m in this book, how can I not love it?! Published 3 years after I painted my first floorcloth! Very exciting to be featured. Includes 19 of the leading floorcloth artists in North America. The book that first inspired my love of floorcloths. Filled with tips and tricks and beautiful photos. Kathy Cooper is a pioneer in the field of modern day floorcloths.
Debbie Travis has turned her love and knowledge of faux finishes into a whole industry! Great ideas and though her steps aren’t always complete, you’ll learn a lot by trying them. This London based textile designer shares 15 weekend projects. Guide to transforming ordinary furniture and everyday objects. Designs are too busy for most tastes, but still inspiring.
Working through the exercises in this book helped me get past my fears and leave my corporate identity behind to find my “artist self”. This is about the clothing and jewelry of Africa more than functional art for the home. I’ve included it here because it’s visually compelling and inspired my Primitives Collection.
Not a serious business book, but I enjoyed the photos and profiles of the women who turned their dreams into profitable businesses. Like Victoria Magazine, beautiful photography throughout. Great color and design ideas which can be incorporated into projects.

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